Sunday Morning  Worship Schedule :

May 26th - Sept 8

9 am

Holy Love Lutheran Church

4210 South Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80014
church office: 303.693.1162
preschool & kindergarten: 303.693.8519

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Sunday Bulletin

Summer Worship Schedule begins May 26th, 2019 , 9:00 am.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Worship Leadership at Holy Love is not strictly the job of the Pastor; we encourage members of our community to participate in worship leadership in a variety of ways.

Depending on your comfort, skill set, and personal preference, you could serve as an Assisting Minister, Lector, Communion Server, Usher, or Acolyte. Pr. Matthew may even encourage some people to preach the sermon on occasion. 

To sign up to help lead worship, please click the "Worship Sign-Up" link below. 


We are a liturgical community, using the traditional Christian Worship Liturgy which connects us in surprising ways to followers of Jesus in many different times and places. At the same time, we're not strict or stuffy in our liturgical practice ... worship at Holy Love can feel relaxed, or at times even playful and fun. 

Our goal when we gather for Worship at Holy Love is to pay attention to God, who we believe is active in the lives of us as individuals, and who we believe is active in our congregational life.

You're welcome at any time to join us for worship.