Sunday Morning schedule for the rest of December

   9:30 - Worship service

​   10:30 or so - Coffee and hopefully sweet treats

Holy Love Lutheran Church

4210 South Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80014
church office: 303.693.1162
preschool & kindergarten: 303.693.8519

Weekly E-mail

Holy Love sends out an e-mail on Wednesdays with a lot of information on what is happening at Holy Love in the upcoming days, weeks and months.  If you would like to be added to that weekly e-mail, please click here.   You may also text the code HOLYLOVE to 22828. 

Mission Bell

The Mission Bell is Holy Love's monthly newsletter.  A link to the current newsletter is included in each weekly e-mail.  Printed copies are available at Holy Love's Welcome Table.  If you know someone who isn't able to make it into Holy Love and doesn't have access to view a digital copy, please contact the office.  We can send that person a hard copy in the mail. 

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