Sunday Morning  Worship Schedule :

May 26th - Sept 8

9 am

Holy Love Lutheran Church

4210 South Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80014
church office: 303.693.1162
preschool & kindergarten: 303.693.8519

Who We Are

Holy Love is a community of fantastic and amazing people. We're from varied backgrounds, and have different interests.

  • Some of us are young and full of energy; some of us are parents of the young, and are no longer quite so energetic.
  • Some of us are teenagers, working to figure out where to find a place in the world; some of us are retired, working to figure out where to find a place in the world.
  • Some of us are single; some of us are married,
  • Some of us are involved in lots of stuff around here; some of us go straight home after worship.
  • Some of us are politically liberal; some of us are politically conservative.
  • Some of us have been Lutheran Christians for longer than seven decades; some of us are just now starting to explore faith for the first time ever.

​All of us are beloved by God.