Sunday Morning schedule for the rest of December

   9:30 - Worship service

​   10:30 or so - Coffee and hopefully sweet treats

Holy Love Lutheran Church

4210 South Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80014
church office: 303.693.1162
preschool & kindergarten: 303.693.8519

What to Expect

Holy Love is a friendly and welcoming congregation.  When you first arrive for worship, you'll likely be greeted by someone at the door ... and, if you look lost, by one or two other people who will help you find what you need.

​Feel free to dress in a way that's comfortable for you.  You'll see people here wearing suits, and you'll see people wearing t-shirts and shorts. 

Worship is liturgical (following an ancient order and structure), and at the same time informal.  It's not unusual for the congregation to be perfectly still and quiet, for children to be scurrying about and making some noise, or for almost everyone to be laughing together.

We celebrate the Eucharist (Holy Communion) every week, and everyone (no, really, everyone) is welcome to receive bread and wine, which we recognize to be the Body and Blood of Christ.

Advent and Christmas Worship Schedule

Advent Wednesday Evening Prayer ... December 12, 19, 6:00 pm 

Children’s Christmas Program ... December 16, 9:30 am (One Worship Service) 

​Lessons & Carols ... Sunday, December 23, 9:30 am (One Worship Service) 

Christmas Eve Worship ... December 24, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 and 10pm​


We're glad you've found us online. We gather on Sunday Mornings through the rest of December at 9:30.

After worship we have treats available - coffee & tea, sometimes something cold to drink, and (almost always) something sweet to snack on.

Sunday School will resume in early January.

There are other events that happen through the week; most are listed on our Facebook page, or you can contact the church office to be put on our weekly e-mail list. 

“Holy Love Evangelical Lutheran Church is committed to proclaiming and living the good news of God’s Love in Jesus Christ as we gather for worship and study, and scatter for witness and service to our neighbors.”